Evan Scannapieco


I am an Associate Professor at the Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration. My research is focused on heating and enrichment processes in galaxy formation and the cosmological evolution and distribution of the elements.

Recent Publications

The Emptiest Places A popular article describing our current understanding of the intergalactic medium, and its importance in the process of galaxy formation.

Subgrid Modeling of AGN-driven Turbulence in Galaxy Clusters Uses subgrid turbulence models to show that the evolution of AGN-driven cavities in galaxy clusters is under-resolved in current simulations. Accounting for such subgrid motions allows us to reproduce the observed mophologies of these cavities, while at the same time coupling them closely with their environment.

The Type Ia Supernova Rate Shows how local observations of the Ia supernova rate require two components with different intrinsic timescales, a result that has strong implications for the cosmic evolution history of iron.

Prompt Ia Supernovae are Significantly Delayed Presents a new "doughnut method" for constraining the time scale at which supernovae form, and applies it to SDSS data to derive a minimum time between star formation and the appearance of Ia supernovae.

Triggering the Formation of Halo Globular Clusters with Galaxy Outflows Studies the impact of high-redshift outflows with "minihalos" with virial temperatures below the atomic cooling limit. Many of these interactions should trigger the formation of star clusters that reproduce three key features of the observed population of halo globular clusters.

The Sources of Intergalactic Metals Gives the results of a detailed observational program to determine the spatial distribution of intergalactic metals, and describes how these place strong constraints on the sources responsible for cosmological enrichment.

Introduction to Finite Difference Methods for Numerical Fluid Dynamics An introductory textbook in numerical fluid dynamics.

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